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Public Holidays / Closures

The BLS International Spain Visa application centres will close for business on the following public holidays in 2017:

Date Day Holidays
1-Jan-2017 Sunday New Year Day
2-Jan-2017 Monday Monday following new year
6-Jan-2017 Friday Epiphany of The Lord
11-Feb-2017 Saturday Youth Festival (local celebration)
20-Mar-2017 Monday Monday following SAN JOSE festivities
13-Apr-2017 Thursday Holy Thusday
14-Apr-2017 Friday Holy Friday
16 April Sunday Easter
17-Apr-2017 Monday Monday following (local)
1-May-2017 Monday Worker's DAY
20-May-2017 Saturday National Day of Cameroon
25-May-2017 Thursday The Ascension (local party)
25-Jul-2017 Tuesday Apostle Santiago
15-Aug-2017 Tuesday Assumption of the Virgin Mary
12-Sep-2017 Tuesday Eid El Kabir (to be confirmed))
12-Oct-2017 Thursday National Day of Spain
1-Nov-2017 Wednesday All Saints Day
6-Dec-2017 Wednesday Day of the Spanish constitution
8-Dec-2017 Friday Feast of the Immaculate Conception
26-Dec-2017 Tuesday Boxing Day (following Christmas Day)